Started as shown here , what was pretty much generic/common Tannoy xover, for Pepperpot WG equipped units.

Now semi finished , still no measurements , only by ear and plenty of deduction , based on numerous web sources . However , it sounds like right step from original values , even still pretty much in Tannoy concept.

One day , hopefully soon , they’ll be finished in principle . Then making no hold barrels version , with ~ 3,8kg of copper for bass and tweet chokes ; maybe even DIY graphite rod resistors 😉 .

Beyma (bass helper) 9.2mH will stay as is – ancient EI core choke , 0.2Rdc .

Still to try air-core (so – no core) autoformer choke for Squawker , hoping that additional 1.5db will bring even more liveliness  .

No pics , just schematic .

xover May-2014