It’s here !

My personal copy , after years of trying to buy it for sane amount of greenies ;

You can still find it ….. in at least dozen web book stores , but just as another book available only in Catalog , not in reality .

Here and there they’re popping up on Ama*on or E*ay , for anything between 30 and 350E , but you need either to be extremely quick or extremely dumb or both , to snatch it.


However , lucky and unworthy as I am , after several years of bawling , I got it … thanks to my own personal Wakoo German , known as Generg on Big Diya .


So , again , another Geschenk von Generg ……..

Vielen Dank , Herr Bethge !

After few quick glances , it seems as interesting reading ; 260+ pages in pretty small font, few dozens of pictures …… and tonight it will be just first of many nice reading nights …….



Tannoy story


 Edit few days later …….. finished very enjoyable reading ……

 What a ride !