Almost everything I had on my previous small web site

Got one , measured and drew schmtc , for future reference.

Some info I scavenged on web , years ago .

Now most probably unobtanium.

You’ll also find neat project for appropriate stereo subs.

Download , zip file, 1MB: ls35



If you search in my previous posts , you’ll find enough details about this OB ;

Now just few general things – drivers used are Tannoy K3808 and Beyma SM115/N

Xover , still temporary (bean-counter’s drawer parts) , basically original Tannoy Pepperpot xover style with few changes and heavy iron choke for Beyma bass helper .

Baffle – multilayer of whatever I had , frame of square iron tubes , grills made of ply and anti-mosquito metal net/grid/whatever , fixed to spks through small Neo magnets.

I didn’t bought these ….. I had enough dead/bad HDDs , so just took Neos out and cut them in pieces with end- cutting nippers.

Sound …… not on par with my ref. RAC LC1B but certainly good enough for Audiophool Retirement (when one is becoming Musicaphile instead).

Still to do – final iteration of xover and fabric/cloth cover for back side …… but I’m not in a hurry ……


My friend , known around as FFL ( younger  of two wakoo brothers from Nagybecskerek ) , brought a pair of , well , pretty beaten up K3809 Tannoys ; They’re having new HF diaphragms, but surround is long ago in rock solid form …….. well above 60Hz .

There were also few more problems – suspicious bass VC centering on one at least , sorta tired cones and ugly gaskets …….

I didn’t took any pic prior to dismantling magnet assemblies from baskets , but there will be few pics of drivers from above , prior to finishing steps , so you’ll have some insight in their condition , as they arrived on my bench ……..


Read picture captions for detailed info .

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It started due to adventurous spirit of Ninja ( as known on Baby DiyA ) – he found them somewhere on web adds , I believe in Denmark .

As he said – “I don’t know do I need them , but somebody will “ ; due to fact that one is reported as having de-centred bass cone , they were pretty decent price-wise .

Pretty benign pictures , sent to Ninja from seller ; half-luck – just one is having K3809 type sticker , but both are no-back-ribs …… we were hoping in that moment that no-name one is not K3805 (higher Fs , used in Puma cabs) :


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