Almost everything I had on my previous small web site

Continuo from here ;

Still without measurements , just playing with data from various web sources , LTSpice and bunch of parts


As previously written here : Big Tannoy MLTL for Woland ;

Box design and calc by Mighty ZM , box production by Woland’s local Wood Meister .

Presentation thread , after first listening impressions is at Baby Diyaudio .

For non Serbian-speaking , just use translate function in Chrome , or go to this , already translated , page : Translation .

So – if you can’t have proper horn ……. or OB doesn’t cut for your room or ears , go for MLTL


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Few day’s work ; reason for operation was – broken ends , due to too much manipulation (they aren’t exactly made flexible …. while still fragile )

Intention was to dismantle them , without ruining end stickers ………. ya can call me enthusiast 😉

However , thin foils are better …….. to my ears

Btw. – main stickers ( at fork ends ) are having arrows , as that cables are “directioned”

I couldn’t see any fact for that , in their construction


…..and , yes , they aren’t mine …….

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K3809 as main driver , K3833(K3836) as bass helper

K3809 are mine , while K3833(K3836) , stars of previous blog entries  are prepared for SuperFi’s Westminster project .

Just having fun with some old OB “wood” , gift from Chakija ( he’s not feeling young enough to continue playing with them 😉 )

Disclaimer – I really wasn’t expecting real bass ……. that’s max width I can squeeze in living room , where spks must be situated ; also , MJK OB software didn’t predicted it (bass)

But !! – there is bass , at least in my smallish living room ; sound is remarkable , even with crude and quick xover , without any efforts put in measurements and polishing of same ; OB is far from optimal in almost every area , but it is so fun …..

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I had them for some short time , just to make vivisection , clean the switches ….

I was really surprised how plastic coned 2528 is good ……. 😉

Of course , as always with any new driver to me, I tried them baffle-less and I’m primarily basing my impression on that ; that was main reason why I , later , urged my Vladimir to try them , as cheap and easy way for trying Audiophile Retirement 😉

Data for coils :

marked 0,2mH – measured 0,2mH – 0,43Rdc

marked 0,8mH – measured 0,827mH – 0,47Rdc

bass coil :

tap marked 0,8mH – measured 0,83mH – 0,33Rdc

tap marked 1,5mH – measured 1,54mH – 0,51Rdc

tap marked 2,5mH – measured 2,6mH – 0,78Rdc

0,2mH coil – air cored

both 0,8mH and bass (2,5mH) coils have ferite powder cores


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