I had them for some short time , just to make vivisection , clean the switches ….

I was really surprised how plastic coned 2528 is good ……. 😉

Of course , as always with any new driver to me, I tried them baffle-less and I’m primarily basing my impression on that ; that was main reason why I , later , urged my Vladimir to try them , as cheap and easy way for trying Audiophile Retirement 😉  http://www.zenmod.in.rs/loudspeakers/tannoy-2520-mltl-box-for-ar2/

Data for coils :

marked 0,2mH – measured 0,2mH – 0,43Rdc

marked 0,8mH – measured 0,827mH – 0,47Rdc

bass coil :

tap marked 0,8mH – measured 0,83mH – 0,33Rdc

tap marked 1,5mH – measured 1,54mH – 0,51Rdc

tap marked 2,5mH – measured 2,6mH – 0,78Rdc

0,2mH coil – air cored

both 0,8mH and bass (2,5mH) coils have ferite powder cores