K3809 as main driver , K3833(K3836) as bass helper

K3809 are mine , while K3833(K3836) , stars of previous blog entries  are prepared for SuperFi’s Westminster project .

Just having fun with some old OB “wood” , gift from Chakija ( he’s not feeling young enough to continue playing with them 😉 )

Disclaimer – I really wasn’t expecting real bass ……. that’s max width I can squeeze in living room , where spks must be situated ; also , MJK OB software didn’t predicted it (bass)

But !! – there is bass , at least in my smallish living room ; sound is remarkable , even with crude and quick xover , without any efforts put in measurements and polishing of same ; OB is far from optimal in almost every area , but it is so fun …..

IMG_7183So , here are first pics – due to room position and ,ahem,furniture – my bass helpers are actually more loaded as with U-frame ; Didn’t bother with simulation , bass is there , even with mediocre source and amplification and , certainly,more than temporary test xover .

Some time later , I found another pair of adequate bass helpers ( to replace precious Igor’s Tannoys ) – Beyma SM115/N .

They’re pretty close to 3833 in T/S department , but somewhat even more efficient , which is helpfull in my case .

Now , for my needs, this OB is so good that I entirely abandoned previous idea of making MLTL box for my K3809; “all” I need to do now is to finish OB in proper way – nice steel frame , proper hefty chokes , measurements , tweaking xover .

Hopefully , soon with proper amplification ….. few proper and capable watts 😉


as a Peach , here is Tech documentation for K3808/3838 :