As my Pal Michael Rothacher (his Blog you can find in my Blogroll list ) wrote today on Diyaudio , Zen turns Twenty .



I can’t do anything better then MR already wrote :

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My Sister and me ……..

My Sister is 6 yrs older than me , while always sort of younger ; we grew up reading books ….. plenty of them . Plenty .

One of our favorite writers of our childhood was certainly William Saroyan , and two of his books still are (in Old Fart Age of ours) more then present and applicable in our lives ……


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For all Holidays , these days ;

Doesn’t matter of which origin they are …….. Buddha is everywhere .



Last moonshining for this year 😉


Winter is coming ……..

Old part of small old town , where I’m living .

That’s Bač , previously written as Batsch on yore Deutsch , Vojvodina , Serbia .



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