Pair of non-matched Tanns – one 3833 (mint) and one 3836 ( supposedly needing recone), tnx to enormous and kind help of Ninja (and smuggling expertise of another friend – Paja959) – obtained from outer space for my kiddoe – SuperFi . As confirmed on net , difference between 3833 and 3836 is just here and there in color of some details ( golden ring around surround on one of them , while on other one, that ring is black) .

After some examination , measurements of all coils Rdc , I decided to make most direct and most benign steps , to decide is it necessary to buy new cone (150E franco BG) , or something else can be done .

So – all was needed is to soak spider circumference with acetone , pill it up , then unscrew 4 imbus bolts – to remove magnet assembly from basket ;

Bingo !



Culprit was in several steel pieces in gap , resulting in slight scratching of VC in gap ; luckily – there is no damage done to VC itself .

So – SuperFi is one lucky guy – price for that pair , shipping included , was pretty decent .

Beer for Ninja will be pleasure , not expense :rofl:

Gap cleaning – easiest with sticky paper tape ; put it inside , circle , pull up ; use new piece of tape for each pass . Then blowing it with compressed air , and again sticky tape ………

…….. and yes – there are Cu shorting ring tricks in both bass and comp. drivers ; and – yes, there is ferrofluid in comp. driver gap …

everything cleaned , horn throat sanded , de-greased , painted ;

spider area on basket cleaned from glue residue

prior to re-gluing it , VC is alligned with shims made of redundant photo ( didn’t had usually used plastic foils near by)

spare mesh dust cap placed just for fun …… it will not be used

then – to redo other driver’s horn throat in black , to make them same-looking

so – pretty much same work as….or even less than complete recone …… but without 150E spent unnecessary , for new cone 😉

later, other driver – just cosmetic work – remove compression driver , sand horn throat, degrease it , cover cone with paper inlets , spray-paint da throat, wait , Dammar everything ( as Gusztav made the button ) , put compression driver back ……..



that’s it – now K3833 is same as K3836 , excluding two funny golden rings ( to be precise – K3833 having gray basket and two golden rings , while K3836 having black basket and no silly golden rings )…… which will be invisible in WM , anyway .

…… A day later – measured Fs for both bass and compression drivers – 27 & 28 Hz , 1065 & 1075 Hz