Well , these two yellow-ish drivers are Hungarian Sonido – FR 8″ as main , baffle-less mounted , plus 12″ in folded MLTL box .

Tweet Helper is Fountek ribbon.

Xover is simple – 8,2mH Torobar for 12″ , 58uF (47+10uF Icar motor-runs + 1uF MKC) for 8″ , 1uF MKC for Fountek tweet helper . All drivers in phase electrically.

I’ll put exact driver types later here .

Concept , same as plans for box ( well known MathCad MLTL  software my MJK of http://www.quarter-wave.com/ ) , xovers and their execution,  are mine , while boxes are work of local Wood Meister .


Woland is that handsome (even if already old fart , as me)  guy visible on last pic ….. member of our Baby Diyaudio.

Folded MLTL