I’m not,by principle,making Papa’s amps for money , neither public (First Watt) nor non public (or not exactly public) Pass Labs .

What I’m doing occasionally ,money involved, is :

-making my Babelfish amps for someone ,where Babelfish being a term for my iteration/anticipated version of Papa’s , born in time when Papa’s FW circuit still wasn’t published ; (when having more time/space , I’m explaining Babelfish series as unnecessary complicated iteration of Papa’s circuit 😉  )

-lending my hands and experience to someone making First Watt but ,being novice , not exactly being able/sure how to do it ; in most cases I already participated with few advices regarding needed hardware for amp in question,then I’m taking in when all hardware he collected needs some Voodoo to became whole.

However , when money is not involved , just friendship, I’m little more relaxed regarding Papa’s IP.

I have a close friend , in some circles known as SuperFi , in other circles simply known as Igor;he is DIY person too , but due to work mostly and constantly lacking in free time department . So , when I made my own  Papa’s Koan M2 , he was (naturally) interested, having not just adequate speakers (Sonido 8″ FR in big horn ) but also some needed hardware.

Result is shown in next gallery ; construction was dictated by heatsinking layout ; base metal case made with help of our friend Stein (few mistakes , mostly drill size ,as usual are result of long command chain 😉 ) , top assembly made by Igor’s carpenter …. still missing Al rhomboidal net in top holes and missing decent front plate, then some feet.

I’m responsible for most part of concept , then drilling , tapping , and everything else ….

Btw. , these were finished more than year ago .

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Borbely SITE

After download , just decompress it , open folder , click on index .



Enjoy !


Two and half years ago , my fluffy friend Magura asked for sort of favor – wanting me to make two (stereo) Babelfish J2 amps (one of Shameless First Watt Iteration by Mighty ZM )   for his friend , intended for biamping some Gargantuan speakers; after some time , we agreed about parts and everything , and adventure followed …..

They acquired heavy artillery – cases from HiFi2000 , Rifa caps , some heavy NTCs , Semisouth outputs , power On/Off switches , Cardas posts , XLRs , RCAs …. while mains xformers (500VA per stereo case) and pcbs with small parts and few other itsybitsies were mine to complete.

Then entire shebang was smuggled to my (non-EU) country and work begun .

Cases are 5U/400mm deep .


Semi-assembling and first markings for drilling and tapping:

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