As you maybe know , maybe not – I’m begging Papa all these years for adoption ….

I’m not exactly desperate to live in US of A , but idea of lifelong exploration of his Ark is sooooo tempting …… 😉

However , maybe my nagging is main reason why he is throwing me da bone here and there , to keep me busy . occupied , puzzled ……. and feeling not worthy ….. 😉 One of previous occasions of thrown bone is Papa’s Koan amplifier , pretty well presented at in these two threads : Papa’s Koan ….. was Papa’s Surprise and Babysitter for Papa’s Koan .

One of these days I’ll put some of that info here , in my blog .


Now , it’s time for new bone ………



After some time , with some materialization of well known ZM’s Koan :



Kung is



I got these , Special Edition of M2 boards , only for ZM (isn’t Papa witty guy 😉 )  :

then I pulled some ‘sinks from my own Ark , and hammered them together :

Bottom , top and back plates ….. I made some hand drawings , sent them to Stein , who made Solid Works Woodoo and sent those files to Laser cutting facility. After that he made Powder coating Woodoo at his own Facility and sent entire shebang to me . So , that was rough start:

Raw front plate ( from Stein’s private stash) was sent to , who else than , Leonardo ( as known on Baby DiyA ) and then :

Conclusion – First Watt M2 is so unique ( at least these dayz ) that I simply felt need to make it , without tiniest amount of Babelfishing ………

So , go and buy it : M2 Power Amplifier

My Pa is definitely smarter than your Nelson

as always , Wakoo Dodosses on Labs are more then supportive , in our mutual madness : Vielen Dank für  Geschenk , Generg – he sent me superduper matched FQN and FQP Mosfets , knowing that I’m cheapskate , as always , and I would throw in IRFPs randomly 😉

Again – tnx to :

-Papa , for being Papa ;

-Stein and Leo for their contribution ;

-Generg , for Geschenk ;

-SuperFi , for donation of ubercool gold colored caps ;

-AR2 , he acquired those tiny xformers (complicated for me to get from other side of Big Splash) .

Cost , resulting from location circumstances :

– case – cost me ~120E for front , top , bottom , back plate – finished; had ‘sinks for few years ; they were probably ~50E ; screws , work blahblah ; didn’t wanted to anodize ‘sinks in black , but that would cost around 30E

overall , on par with FiFi2000 Italian case , but this one is highly unique , so not expensive ;

-small itsiebitsies on back of case – dunno – had them for years ; I like Old School parts , not fancy drek ; maybe 30E for everything ;

-Donuts – 65E for rewinding secs ; I have them for years ; pair of new (custom made) 300VA in same place is around 120E ;

-pair of greatest conspiracy level pcbs – around 50E ; just one pair made , so cost is high 😉

– parts on pcb – go figure ; dunno – maybe 50E for everything , or even less ;

-caps – stash from not so recent GB on Baby DiyA – say 30-35E for 8pcs of 33mF/25V Pans ;

-bridges – naah , peanuts ;

-fat wire – superduperfinelitz speaker wire ; old stock from local cable making company ; dunno – for meter or two per amp , I don’t care ;

-signal wires – few decimeters of Belden network cable screen wire – 0.1mm dia silvered copper;

so – amp is cheap , pleasure is priceless

though – it’s end of year , time to pay what I need to my resident spy at PL ( and occasionally FW Facility) , so dilemma is – do I need to include that expense in amp’s price ?