As title sez – boxes for Mr. Vladimir Simovich’s (AKA AR2 , AKA Master Burner ) office 😉

Finally I got him to buy a pair of not so expensive Tanns ….. after more than a year of me harassing him with numerous Tann links …..

Box plan is sort of my job – done with MJK MathCad MLTL sheets – , while xover will be , hopefully , other Aleksandar’s work –

Mr. Simovich and Mr. Aleksandar Radisavljević RAAL are friends …. and these gorgeous Eternity pics at RAAL home page are work of Mr. Simovich 😉

So , world is ……. small



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One thing came to mind , looking at these pictures – and one can’t put it better than already put here ( for Pass Labs , 2007. ) :

All these people still like each other, and sit in the same office everyday.  This way they can all can hear everything that’s going on, laughing about most of it.




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Simovich Junior , who else …

We are so proud 😉


btw. Matia is that handsome Kiddoe at 02:35 :



Few pictures of layered platter for Stabi 2 , custom made by Ferenc ; several people concluded that improvement is easy to hear

If you’re interested , Zrenjanin is not so far away 😉