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Weather fine …..

Me and my Buddy – Valentin – making first kilometers with his newly acquired Spyder …..

That one is (still) stock ……. will do some customizing later this year …..



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Winter is here …….

Taking rare opportunity , when temp is few degrees up.




Oldtimer bikes

Today Oldtimer Caravan attended my little ancient town.

There are some pics (I took with phone cam) – bikes mostly and just few cars ; last ones strictly from sentimental reasons ….. Volga ….. my beloved uncle had one for years (numerous stories and memories ) …… Fiat X1/9 – if I remember correctly , that one was first car my mate Vladimir had , upon arriving in USA (also some funny memories , and usual European Guy thingie – “I’m gonna drive a car with manual gearbox!! )

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Book : Harley and me , by Bernadette Murphy

What can I say …..

For almost 3 decades I’m always carrying same 2 books with me , when going on any sort of vacation  – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé .

Nowadays , things are much easier – take any sort of modern (pocket) gadget with at least semi decent sized screen , and you’re good to have dozens of books whenever you want …… and I’m really digging that in my (hopefully) mid-life age , having no less than few dozens of books in my phone.

So , I read Harley and me , from phone screen,in two evenings during pretty busy week .

It reminds me of Zen , which is good – book as excerpt from someone’s life , brought in decent and honest form and style …… not bigger than life itself, which is first conditio sine qua non for any thing I could possibly be interested in,in my tender age of 49 😉 .

So , go buy it , read it . It’s that good.

‘Nuff said.


Harley and me

Bernadette Murphy


And , yes, as would R.P. say …

…… It’s not very factual on motorcycles……




Tinker Bell teaser

Just a few teaser pics of ongoing fun project .

As it was – nothing more than cheap looking HD knock-off , as it is – after countless hours of joyful work ….

More later .