Burning Amp Festival , Anno Domini 2011

Few vids from my attending of BAF 2011

BBC LS3/5 , old jewel still shines

Some info I scavenged on web , years ago .

Now most probably unobtanium.

You’ll also find neat project for appropriate stereo subs.

Download , zip file, 1MB: ls35



Hitachi HMA6500 ,little mosfet amp from Yore ….. resurrection , by ZM

Well , it started several months ago , few boyz at Baby Diyaudio asked for advice which second hand amp to buy . Some members started ( even if that’s really DIY forum) talking about synergy , lalala , blahblah …… while I remember seeing few interesting amps on local adds site , of which one is venerable and indefinitely cute little amp form Yore – Hitachi HMA6500.

Well – it’s hard to buy anything better for that sort of Eu greenies nowadays ….. around 100E .

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Oldtimer bikes

Today Oldtimer Caravan attended my little ancient town.

There are some pics (I took with phone cam) – bikes mostly and just few cars ; last ones strictly from sentimental reasons ….. Volga ….. my beloved uncle had one for years (numerous stories and memories ) …… Fiat X1/9 – if I remember correctly , that one was first car my mate Vladimir had , upon arriving in USA (also some funny memories , and usual European Guy thingie – “I’m gonna drive a car with manual gearbox!! )

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Iron Pre

Well ,it started as solution for two customers; both having my Babelfish amps, both driving Dynaudio Contour 1.3 with them.

Whatever solution they had for preamplifier in that time, they weren’t on par with amp quality ….. so logical development of situation is to mate  amps with line stage simple enough but not simpler than necessary …… simply put -preamp made in same manner.

After some chat , consensus was that “plain” buffer (so , no gain ) is adequate,so I decided to make a quick mockup with buffer pcb I had from yore,as part of Poor Serbian Man Lightspeed project.

Frankly – not “plain” buffer anymore , but I simply couldn’t go with less .

Basically-4 separate buffer cells , and simple but witty bipolar (+/-12V) shunt reg on board.Cells are made of scarce and expensive Toshiba JFets (2SJ74BL , 2SK170BL) as source follower. In this case , just two buffer cells are populated, as not needed more for unbalanced operation. For more details, it’s easy to check my signature on diyaudio.com .

Schematic sketch and first proto , conveniently put in dreky casset deck case :

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