Mighty ZM Californication 2019 , Part 1

Burning Amp Festival pictures – phone cam pictures

San Francisco , Fort Mason , 08. and 09.11.2019.

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Tannoy Lynx xover – Type 1047

Got one , measured and drew schmtc , for future reference.

SissySIT, another one

Working on two new SissySITs , first one is finished, soon to make happy my Webhamster Mikorist (short Miko).



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Iron Pumpkin, another one

Last and final iteration of already known AVC based preamplifier , with JFet buffers and all bells and whistles

This one is balanced ( so no SE in name) , made for Robert from Poland

Plenty of pics , hopefully will add full set of schematics later

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Zrmanja Vrelo, back home again

Born and grew up in Vojvodina , but my heart always was more in old place , where my Father was born.

I’ve spend numerous months there , learning life from my Grand Ma, and rest of my Funny Family …..




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