New arrivals , July 2014 ; SIT craze

First one – Gifts exchange , Serbia – Malaysia .

Missing link for living room system , WaveIO by Luckit .

Second one …… it’s really tricky having your own personal Wakoo German ……..

Whenever I have impression that I’m even remotely up to planned projects , Generg is having burst of Devilish mood , finding another one to send me as (completely undeserving ) gift .

Newest one , sending me on the verge of hysteria ……  crazy grimace

Just look at that Gremlinish face ……..




  1. Gerd Bethge says:

    on the verge of hysteria……well expressed!

    I do all to get a good place in your blog!

    even hysteria is a possibility……. 🙂

  2. Gerd Bethge says:

    oh, forgot ……

    a man without a PayPal is like a horse without kingdom……

    this truth inspired me….. 🙂

  3. Zen Mod says:

    speaking of …… did you compared Jensen and Iskra repeaters in this amp ?

  4. Gerd Bethge says:

    No, but you know, nothing was better in the F6 than the Iskras.

    I cannot build this amp at the moment… in my big case is the XA clone and in the small one the SIT clone with 2SK180. And the last one is still occupying my with the passive biasing.
    And it is fascinating me….so I am working and trying and working and….. 🙂

  5. Zen Mod says:


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