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Our Simovich Junior , Matija . Inhalt , some important news , interview .


Interview :

Picture taken from there ……..

This one taken by me , 2011. ….. proud Papa Vladimir was somewhere around ……..




Matia (Simovich) – Rhizome


Simovich Junior , who else …

We are so proud 😉


btw. Matia is that handsome Kiddoe at 02:35 :



Inhalt in Europe , again

Inhalt in Europe, again .

Matia Simovich – performing

Beautiful and crafty Nika Simovich is responsible for this poster , made for Brother’s adventure .

Proud Papa Simovich sent me the poster and few details ….

For more Simovich , click .


Best Site

I’m proud of my AR2 ….. always looking for new heights , and excelling in them.

…..My interest is not in, so often seen, cartoonish looking results…..




Tannoy 2528 MLTL box for AR2

As title sez – boxes for Mr. Vladimir Simovich’s (AKA AR2 , AKA Master Burner ) office 😉

Finally I got him to buy a pair of not so expensive Tanns ….. after more than a year of me harassing him with numerous Tann links …..

Box plan is sort of my job – done with MJK MathCad MLTL sheets – , while xover will be , hopefully , other Aleksandar’s work –

Mr. Simovich and Mr. Aleksandar Radisavljević RAAL are friends …. and these gorgeous Eternity pics at RAAL home page are work of Mr. Simovich 😉

So , world is ……. small



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