Winter is here …….

Taking rare opportunity , when temp is few degrees up.




Burning Amp Festival , Anno Domini 2011

Few vids from my attending of BAF 2011

BBC LS3/5 , old jewel still shines

Some info I scavenged on web , years ago .

Now most probably unobtanium.

You’ll also find neat project for appropriate stereo subs.

Download , zip file, 1MB: ls35



Hitachi HMA6500 ,little mosfet amp from Yore ….. resurrection , by ZM

Well , it started several months ago , few boyz at Baby Diyaudio asked for advice which second hand amp to buy . Some members started ( even if that’s really DIY forum) talking about synergy , lalala , blahblah …… while I remember seeing few interesting amps on local adds site , of which one is venerable and indefinitely cute little amp form Yore – Hitachi HMA6500.

Well – it’s hard to buy anything better for that sort of Eu greenies nowadays ….. around 100E .

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Oldtimer bikes

Today Oldtimer Caravan attended my little ancient town.

There are some pics (I took with phone cam) – bikes mostly and just few cars ; last ones strictly from sentimental reasons ….. Volga ….. my beloved uncle had one for years (numerous stories and memories ) …… Fiat X1/9 – if I remember correctly , that one was first car my mate Vladimir had , upon arriving in USA (also some funny memories , and usual European Guy thingie – “I’m gonna drive a car with manual gearbox!! )

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