Divčibare , few weeks of vacation , 1km above the Sea

Buddha is everywhere ….. but you can breath it more easily on top of the Mountain ….. ;)


We were here  , green arrow .



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Babelfish J2 , pair of them , for Denmark ……. (Blast from the Past)

Two and half years ago , my fluffy friend Magura asked for sort of favor – wanting me to make two (stereo) Babelfish J2 amps (one of Shameless First Watt Iteration by Mighty ZM )   for his friend , intended for biamping some Gargantuan speakers; after some time , we agreed about parts and everything , and adventure followed …..

They acquired heavy artillery – cases from HiFi2000 , Rifa caps , some heavy NTCs , Semisouth outputs , power On/Off switches , Cardas posts , XLRs , RCAs …. while mains xformers (500VA per stereo case) and pcbs with small parts and few other itsybitsies were mine to complete.

Then entire shebang was smuggled to my (non-EU) country and work begun .

Cases are 5U/400mm deep .


Semi-assembling and first markings for drilling and tapping:

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New arrivals , July 2014 ; SIT craze

First one – Gifts exchange , Serbia – Malaysia .

Missing link for living room system , WaveIO by Luckit .

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Baby BAF , FAK , Svajserbal………. 2014.


Nautičko selo ,Boljevci , Surčin , Prestonica .





Happy Birthday Papa

As always , my Papa is smarter than your Nelson ………. ;)