Tinker Bell teaser

Just a few teaser pics of ongoing fun project .

As it was – nothing more than cheap looking HD knock-off , as it is – after countless hours of joyful work ….

More later .


Erno Borbely site , zip file – for benefit of DIY community

Ghost of site , made on Monday, May 17, 2010 – 8:18:52 PM EST , with HTTrack Website Copier . 72MB zip file .



You can download it here : Borbely SITE

After download , just decompress it , open folder , click on index .


Enjoy !


Radiotron Designer Handbook 4-th edition



Proper PDF , with active menu .


This one originated from Pete Millet’s site

Download at PM


Download here







Treshold Treasure …… while Papa was there : 4000 (400a)


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RAINING DAY by Bane Djakovic , my eternal reconvalescent friend