Book : Harley and me , by Bernadette Murphy

What can I say …..

For almost 3 decades I’m always carrying same 2 books with me , when going on any sort of vacation  – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé .

Nowadays , things are much easier – take any sort of modern (pocket) gadget with at least semi decent sized screen , and you’re good to have dozens of books whenever you want …… and I’m really digging that in my (hopefully) mid-life age , having no less than few dozens of books in my phone.

So , I read Harley and me , from phone screen,in two evenings during pretty busy week .

It reminds me of Zen , which is good – book as excerpt from someone’s life , brought in decent and honest form and style …… not bigger than life itself, which is first conditio sine qua non for any thing I could possibly be interested in,in my tender age of 49 😉 .

So , go buy it , read it . It’s that good.

‘Nuff said.


Harley and me

Bernadette Murphy


And , yes, as would R.P. say …

…… It’s not very factual on motorcycles……




Pass Labs X150.5 , checking/adjusting offsets ,Iq and gain

Well , here and there these questions are popping on – how to check/adjust bias (Iq) ,offset(s) and gain on my X(A)xxx.? PL amplifier; this tutorial will address that.

Take in account that older PL amps are having (small) mosfet based output stage biasing generator , while later ones are having TL431 generator iteration – with some specimens finished without NTC compensation – exactly as amp shown in pictures.

However, I’m sure that you’ll find same logic (shown here) applicable also to earlier models.If not ,and you need some info regarding earlier models, contact me either through blog e-mail thingie , or on

Amplifier shown here is X150.5 , late issue (circa 2007 , according to pcb text) , being in possession of DiyA fella known under witty Old’n’Cranky moniker.

X150.5 front

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Babelfish J , v2

As any named Babelfish – my iteration of Papa’s gadget .

This one is iteration of Aleph J , v2 means made as adaptive base for making almost entire power range of Aleph amplifiers .

Naturally – JFet input , cascoded to prevent poof from excessive rail voltage , additional Daughter boards for additional output mosfets.

More info here .


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Blast from the past ……. Iskra EK2304 Cinema Monoblocks – rejuvenation

Some text goes here ……. later


I’ll enclose schematics – as it was and as it is now

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Some shameful FW and PL clonning – First Watt M2 and Pass Labs XA60.5 …….. by Mighty Zen Mod

I’m not,by principle,making Papa’s amps for money , neither public (First Watt) nor non public (or not exactly public) Pass Labs .

What I’m doing occasionally ,money involved, is :

-making my Babelfish amps for someone ,where Babelfish being a term for my iteration/anticipated version of Papa’s , born in time when Papa’s FW circuit still wasn’t published ; (when having more time/space , I’m explaining Babelfish series as unnecessary complicated iteration of Papa’s circuit 😉  )

-lending my hands and experience to someone making First Watt but ,being novice , not exactly being able/sure how to do it ; in most cases I already participated with few advices regarding needed hardware for amp in question,then I’m taking in when all hardware he collected needs some Voodoo to became whole.

However , when money is not involved , just friendship, I’m little more relaxed regarding Papa’s IP.

I have a close friend , in some circles known as SuperFi , in other circles simply known as Igor;he is DIY person too , but due to work mostly and constantly lacking in free time department . So , when I made my own  Papa’s Koan M2 , he was (naturally) interested, having not just adequate speakers (Sonido 8″ FR in big horn ) but also some needed hardware.

Result is shown in next gallery ; construction was dictated by heatsinking layout ; base metal case made with help of our friend Stein (few mistakes , mostly drill size ,as usual are result of long command chain 😉 ) , top assembly made by Igor’s carpenter …. still missing Al rhomboidal net in top holes and missing decent front plate, then some feet.

I’m responsible for most part of concept , then drilling , tapping , and everything else ….

Btw. , these were finished more than year ago .

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